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Qu'est-ce que c'est, Armchair Uzs? A bit of regular correspondence from the two of us, sometimes living in the small city of Uzs in the Languedoc-Rousillon region of the south of France, destined for friends, family, and francophiles who are curious about life in a small town in France. Chock full of things to see and do. Let us know what you think! And stay tuned...

The latest editions of Armchair Uzs... April 2005


Armchair Uzs - June 2004
Bourbon kings, on the move
Zarafa - giraffe of the century!


Armchair Uzs - May 2004
Springtime in Cret
Cannes - sun and cinema

Armchair Uzs - April 2004
Muguets des bois
Le mystre Saint-Exupry

Armchair Uzs - March 2004
The Camargue

Armchair Uzs - Feb 2004
Toreros to the rescue
Cooking la Provenale in Arles
Sign of Spring: Salon d'Agriculture

Armchair Uzs - Jan 2004
Starbucks hits Paris - caf to go!
Get a vocabulary boost every day
Making scents of Napoleon

Armchair Uzs - Dec 2003
Les  13  desserts de Provence
Dictation, anyone?
More flooding in the south of France...

Armchair Uzs - July 14, 2003
Storm the Bastille
La Marseillaise
The French are different...

Armchair Uzs - June 30, 2003

Enchanted valley in Quercy
100th birthday of Tour de France 
No actors, no technicians...no show

Armchair Uzs - Apr 19, 2003

Castles of the Drme provenal
Minerve et le Minervois
What color is chartreuse?

Armchair Uzs - Apr 2, 2003

Sweet onions of the Cvennes
le Train Bleu
Rugby finals 2003
Paris notes

Armchair Uzs - Mar 20, 2003

Mont Saint-Michel
Omelette la Mre Poulard
Avignon's TGV station
More on liquid lifestyles

Armchair Uzs - Mar 1, 2003

Wines of Tricastin
Gourmand vs. glutton
Protecting art in Paris

Armchair Uzs -  Feb 14, 2003

Water, water...
Vintage posters
Rugby update for early 2003

Armchair Uzs -  Jan 31, 2003

More great road food
Truffles -  gone to the dogs?
Fall floods update

Armchair Uzs -  Holiday 2002

Vive les femmes!
Musique et livres

Armchair Uzs -  Fall 2002
Devastating floods in the South of France
A-75: Highway thru the heart of France

Armchair Uzs - May 12, 2002
Spring wine & food fest in Uzs
A trio of gardening saints

Armchair Uzs - Apr 22, 2002

Roman oppidum at Gaujac
French elections - Round 1
Pleasure of the wine cubie!

Armchair Uzs - Mar 28, 2002

Easter chocolates
Wine tasting & buying tips
Castles, cathars, and  a canal

Armchair Uzs - Mar 14, 2002

Olive oil from les Alpilles
L'Abbaye de Saint-Michel de Frigolet
Six Nations Tournament - hot!

Armchair Uzs - Feb 28, 2002

Season for crepes
Roman treasure in the Mediterranean
Signs of spring?

Armchair Uzs - Feb 2, 2002

Truffle market
Euro, you're OK!

Armchair Uzs - Jan 2002

Fete des Rois
Cleaner streets in Paris?
Sempe's latest

Armchair Uzs - Dec 2001

French say merci to WWII soldiers
French gift to NYC firefighters

Armchair Uzs - Oct 2001

Euro update
Anthropologists and France

Armchair Uzs - Sep 2001

La Cte Bleue
2001 vendage
A French vegetable garden

Armchair Uzs - May 15, 2001
Marseille and bouillabaisse
Theatre in Aix-en-Provence

Armchair Uzs - Apr 30, 2001

Olive oils

Armchair Uzs - Apr 14, 2001

Tarascon's castle
Mad Cow update

Armchair Uzs - Mar 31, 2001
Signs of spring in the market

Armchair Uzs - Mar 7, 2001
First signs of spring in the market
Mardi gras la franaise
Michelin's new Guide Rouge
A day in Nmes

Armchair Uzs - Feb 20, 2001
Here comes the euro
Charles Trenet

Armchair Uz
s - February 6, 2001
The Ardche region
Feast of the Kings, Epiphany

Armchair Uzs - Jan 22, 2001

Truffle market

Armchair Uzs - Jan 4, 2001
La Raclette
Christmas in Paris

Armchair Uzs - Dec 16, 2000
Traditional French Christmas
Down the road to Spain

Armchair Uzs - Nov 20, 2000
Lussan and les Concluses

Armchair Uzs - Oct 30, 2000
Tavel and Lirac

Armchair Uzs - Oct 17, 2000
What, no weather channel?



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