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 mai 2001
Uzs, France

We've got the Goodes!
May 2001

Dscn0010.jpg (71548 bytes)

Barbara and Roger land in Avignon after an overnight flight and a four-hour train ride...
first stop, le outdoor cafe at the Place de l'Horloge!


Dscn0009.jpg (72989 bytes)

Second stop, in honor of the Preakness, the Merry-Go-Round. This horse didn't run a lick.


Dscn0013.jpg (124518 bytes)

Sunday lunch in the country, at Les Remparts in Venasque...


Dscn0014.jpg (63789 bytes)

...where the food was fine, as was the wine!
Nearly three hours later...

Dscn0020.jpg (101580 bytes)

Joe and Barbara are still confused about where we are...it's Venasque, a perched village in the Luberon with Saracen Towers and an 11th century baptistry.


Dscn0032.jpg (97124 bytes)

Beautiful Barbara with the Emerald City in the background!
Actually, it's Uzs, seen from the valley of the Alzon where
we walked for hours!


Dscn0053.jpg (73188 bytes)

It could be Oz, and this could be a unicorn!


Dscn0051.jpg (66540 bytes)

Barbara decides to inspect more closely, and it appears
they're speaking the same language!
(not French)


EstK&B2.jpg (100955 bytes)

Another day, another trek...to the Alpilles. But first, a traditional lunch in Arles...bouillabaisse and aioli!


EstB&R1.jpg (78233 bytes)

Barbara and Roger want to stop at every horse...
even this sculpted one at Chateau d'Estoublon.

EstB2.jpg (67169 bytes)

Inside please for an olive oil tasting...


EstR.jpg (62287 bytes)

But don't eat the spoon, Roger...


EstB&R3.jpg (62910 bytes)

Too many goodies to taste, not just oils, but olives and tapenades.

BarbFlowers.jpg (66903 bytes)

Encore, Beautiful Barbara, in a field of poppies and daisies amidst the olive trees!


B&RDog1.jpg (66516 bytes)

Quick stop in St-Rmy-de-Provence to pet a dog (and see Van Gogh's haunts).


VineStorm.jpg (64522 bytes)

And then back to Uzs,
with a storm abrewin' over the vineyards!


We hate to see them go, but they're off to the City of Lights.
We'll see them soon in New Hampshire... bientt!

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